JUYANG Prepare bait to accompany us on a pleasant Norwegian holiday—— kjeøy Fishing in Norway

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JUYANG Prepare bait to accompany us on a pleasant Norwegian holiday—— kjeøy Fishing in Norway

(Summary description)

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Unfortunately, the long-awaited Norwegian holiday is now over.

We spent the perfect week in a beautiful house on an island called kjey. The owner of the house, ketil, welcomed us very kindly. We arrived on the island with plenty of equipment, luggage and a 22-inch fish finder, and finally we could begin to enjoy our vacation. For some difficult and narrow roads, with special cable cars for baggage transportation, the supporting facilities here are wonderful. Ketil will show us the fishing environment tomorrow. We are very happy and looking forward to it.

First days

Make breakfast and fish preparation. At nine o'clock ketil stood on the mat. Six of us were in the boat. First of all, we were driving to the northwest direction of Sander under a railway bridge off the coast. You may have guessed what happened, hit cod! After fishing for a while, we went on, and ketil showed us a beautiful bay (gyrahavn). Public toilets, fireplaces and firewood in a cabin, several grills, a beautiful scenic spot, children's Internet climbing and a large wharf are ideal places for everyone to move around. It's not necessary to go back to your place of lodging to settle down for lunch here. We started fishing in the afternoon, and two hours later we went to the dangerous southern exit. Ketil, near large trawlers, points out again and again where fish gather because there are still fish near ports, boats and factories. But we immediately realized that it wasn't for us. We want to go fishing in beautiful surroundings, not between boats and industrial buildings.

Second days

Unfortunately, Monday was a South wind, so we had to limit fishing in Sand. So we visited the northern part of the beautiful little bay. For safety reasons, we put on a giant ocean life jacket and threw a giant ocean road bait between the beautiful bay and the Pollac rocks. Leeches: They are suitable for wide-area search, swimming very well in the water (sinking to 0.5 meters deep), and catching a lot of COD nearly 80 cm in length. As you can see, success.

Everyone wants to search all the rock corners. The island is surrounded by open ocean zones, which are not comparable to other fishing areas in southern Norway. Even in windless days, we always have a strong sense of drift. In addition, there are a large number of large sailing boats outside the island. So always check the area above and around the head when throwing.

Third days

On Tuesday, the wind turned slightly west, but the waves continued to roll southward. The original plan was to fish at the southern exit of the island, but we realized that by the time we had reached the lighthouse, no one would be fishing here. So we haven't been a middleman. We finally met a group of mackerel near a huge old processing fish factory. We switch to small spoon Lua for fishing, which is like manipulating a flexible swimmer. It's a good choice.

Fourth days

The westerly wind is 4m/s and the westerly tide is located.

A perfect day in the southern or former archipelago. Fish exploration shows many shoals, which need special attention.

It drifts to the northeast direction of "2.3" N and O'6'5 57 at 58 24. In the brilliant sunshine, after the first rod, catch large fish up to 90 cm in size. Because of the good fishing situation, we decided not to go home for a rest at noon. We find that there is a shack o n the wharf of grne bukta with coordinates 58, 24, 44.2, n'o and 5, 58, 22.6, which is very beautiful. And then go on fishing hard. Surprisingly, it's almost all cod here. It's a great punctuation point!

Day 5

The gentle winds in the South have hardly any waves.

It should be windy again in the afternoon, so we can start today's journey early.

We prepared for about 20 minutes and set off immediately.

Our first drift direction in a short time is hellvik (north/west).

At the depth of 28 meters (58 degrees 27'0,8""N; 5 degrees 51'59,7'O), we saw more and more fish in the fishing expedition, and the three men shouted to get off the pole at the same time.

The tide flows very fast. We decided to move a little further to the right and then drift. At the same time, there are also middle-sized fish here. We can't categorize them clearly. Later, we knew what fish it was. It turned out to be a shark! However, since it is not on our fishing list, we know sharks were protected before, so we put them back into the sea. In the afternoon, a lot of cod were in the squid head of the huge ocean. We had two boats, one left and one right, fishing at the same time. On our right side, fresh water was flowing into the sea. The speed of flow was relatively fast. The squid head we chose could keep stable in the punctuation range. After more than a dozen cods, my squid head lost its bottom. Nevertheless, it successfully ended a good day.

Day 6

Our old salt's birthday.

So pack up the equipment and fishing gear and have a beautiful birthday picnic for Lao Yan. Ketil has shown us this beautiful place before.

Unfortunately, the wind is getting stronger again, so we have to look for a windbreak at the northern exit of the island behind us. There may be some fish here, but there are also some edges of the mountains. We decided to have a big picnic here. We moored at the beautiful pier of Gyrahavn. Public toilets, a cabin fireplace and a grill, firewood, children's amusement facilities and beautiful attractions. Then we barbecued some delicious sausages and enjoyed a quiet and beautiful environment. In the afternoon, the wind became smaller, and we decided to seize the opportunity to fish, targeting the Salmon River bjerkreim (Teng) in Norway. As a result, the boat arrived at the harbor quickly and then walked for about 20 minutes to the waterfall. Beautiful trails stretch from the streets to pristine houses built by fishermen, salmon by the river. Again and again, you should not miss seeing salmon jumping high in the river. It's really beautiful. There are some huge piers near the corridor area, and salmon swim around in front of you. Arriving at the bridge and then starting to dump Lua, I switched to Daidou, a giant ocean, and threw the first shot forward to catch the fish, but broke free in the flowing water, a short battle of disappointment! uuuuuuuuuu Later we went fishing for COD because it was beautiful. We've been working hard until the early morning of the 24th, and we've been fishing by constantly changing the way the operation jumps. Unfortunately, we've been defeated. The next morning, some people regretted carrying their bags back to the South again, but we will certainly come back!

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