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King Kong

Description:The KingKong has a cery leisurly swimming action when retrieved slowly.It can be bumped along the bottom or even jigged due to the twin drop type blades located on the rear of the lure.These twin blades mimic the rhythmic beat of a fish tail and aid in lateral line stimulation of fish often resulting in an aggressive reactive strike from fish.
Product name

Mars-Night Raid

Description:This lure attract fish when it is falling into water because of its gravity concentration and water resistance design.The streamline body , several curves reflective design and characteristic of straight hit the water ,these three points make this lure suit for you.
Product name

Fast Attack- S2

Description:Traditionally bibbed plug or crank lures have been constructed of resins and would generally float.The Fast Attack breaks that trend bu using alloy and therefore is a fast sinking bib minnow capable of reaching depths previously unattainable by plugs and crank lures.You can now have the action of a surface minnow at depths of a deep diver.

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