On the timing of sea fishing

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On the timing of sea fishing

(Summary description)


Early spring and late autumn is the best season for sea fishing, spring after insects awaken to grain full before (the Gregorian calendar in early march to mid-may), March 15 to April lO is a golden season. Gold sea fishing season is autumn, late autumn is the best of the year sea fishing, especially the best before and after August 15. Best sea fishing time is a year of autumn winter, is a good season to go fishing after November, late autumn after a long period of time is the best season to catch mullet. Were fishing from the point of a month, this opportunity is lunar calendar month, lunar calendar and a few days before and after the 17th and 18th, is 1 month in the spring tide period, fish come with springs, so these days is the best time for fishing.

Early in the morning the night falling in love with fish, every day at dawn and dusk just half tide high tide, go up, just return, half tide is the optimal timing of fishing. Fishing opportunity is the tide of day to seven eighty percent of the time, then seize tide tide stern fishing time.

1 months is the best fishing time tide period, a tide, a wave of fish, fish come with the tide. Look from the wind, the north wind more than 5 can't fishing, the south will not affect the fishing, southeast wind is the worst. Grade 3 ~ 4 mistral, north wind active fish, sea fishing is the best time, rocky fish is the best time of the lunar calendar to the fifth or at the beginning of the lunar calendar people between 20, the fourth, fifth, 19, 20, is the best fishing time.

Several kinds of sea fishing fish the best fishing time:

Bass: fishing time 5 ~ 11 months, the best fishing time 9 ~ 11 months. Rise half and half tide fishing best.

During the red porgy fish: grain full to grain in ear for red porgy of flourishing period, was a perfect time for fishing.

Gram-negative: clarity to the beginning of winter is the best time to fish.

Black pompanos: autumnal equinox to the heavy snow is the popular food stage, is the best fishing time.

The cod: autumn begins to snow, fish is the best.

Spanish mackerel: before and after the autumnal equinox fishing best.

Black bream: the millennium to feed its prosperous period is before the winter solstice, the beginning of winter, good fishing.

Hai MAO: the beginning of autumn to the winter solstice is the best time for fishing.

Squid: after the beginning of autumn to light snow good fishing.

Mackerel: before and after the limit of heat to the beginning of autumn and autumnal equinox is flourishing period.

An Kang fish: autumnal equinox to the beginning of winter, as food after spawning period, is the best fishing time.

The rays: grain in ear to the winter solstice is fishing season.

Six fish: in the fishing, individual large, autumn is the best fishing season.

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